By visiting this web site you can learn how to become an AMSOIL dealer within the next few minutes. We are seeking others to help us get AMSOIL products to the masses.  While other companies are spending all of their profits on marketing campaigns, AMSOIL is spending all of their money into the quality of the oil.  The most “popular” oil isn’t always the “best”.  Our products are primarily sold via word of mouth through local dealers such as yourself.

It’s easy to become a dealer or a preferred customer.  Follow this link and click “REGISTER” and within minutes you can be a dealer allowing you to get wholesale cost.  No minimum orders. Watch the video below for detailed instructions. When it asks for a dealer ZO #, please enter in:  1102880


Click here to register as an AMSOIL dealer todayBecome a preferred customer and get wholesale costs without distribution responsibilities

There are various programs set up based on the kind of account you wish to set up.  You can either be a retail store front, a home dealer or a commercial account.  Each account has varying benefits from one to the next.

There’s various reason for one person to become an AMSOIL dealer. A few reasons could be all or some of the below:

  • You’re a car enthusiast and only want the best for your car and you believe in helping others do the same.
  • You just want to buy the product at wholesale and make a small commission kick-back on your own purchases, to friends or family.
  • You want to give back to your community or help with a charity.
  • You just want to make a little bit of extra money part-time on top of what you have going on.
  • You like that AMSOIL can drop ship everything to directly your customers so you can carry  minimal inventory.
  • You want to participate in something that can be passed on to loved ones in the unfortunate event that you pass away.
  • You want to get involved with a business that allows for unlimited residual income instead of hit and run opportunities that make you trade time for dollars.
  • You’re looking to only get involved with companies who are rock solid and have been around for decades.
  • You sell or machine engine parts that require lubrication and you want to reduce risk for customers coming back for warranty repair work.
  • You like the ability to market automotive products over the Internet.
  • You own a car, boat, motorcycle, RV or other expensive vehicle that you wish to protect and are not looking for 2nd best oils.

A rock-solid opportunity that has been around for over 40 yearsAMSOIL, Inc. was the very first company in the United States to market synthetic oil for automobiles years before many of the other synthetic oils you see in the stores now.  While the other oil companies are trying to figure out how to get the cheapest way to meet an oil specification, AMSOIL only tries to exceed it and negotiates cost later.  Do you want to sell an oil that likes to do nothing but spend all of their profits on marketing their oil instead of focusing on it becoming the best?  Or do you want to market an oil proven via ASTM testing to be the absolute best fully synthetic oil money can buy?

AMSOIL, Inc. was founded in 1972 and was the very first oil company to offer a motor oil lasting up to 25,000 miles.  AMSOIL’s corporate headquarters is in Superior, Wisconsin.  AMSOIL has 14 warehouses strategically places all throughout the United States and Canada.  As a dealer or preferred customer, when you place an order, your order goes through the corporate headquarters.  Once your order is processed, it is dispatched to one of the closest shipment centers based on your location.  This means that for many customers, when you place an order before noon, your order can possibly ship that day and you may sometimes have it the very next business day.

Forklift loading productsOnce you have registered as a dealer or preferred customer, you will be assigned a unique customer number that will enable you to get wholesale prices.  Using this unique customer number, you will be able to place your orders with AMSOIL either on-line or by phone.  As an AMSOIL dealer, you will have the option of either the product locally or allowing AMSOIL to drop ship on your behalf.  Unlike other companies that have dealerships, there are no minimum orders.  You can place an AMSOIL order as small as only 1 quart of you can order a 275 gallon tote.  Shipping discounts are offered proportionally with order size.

As an AMSOIL dealer, if you place an order for yourself, you will earn commissions on your very own orders.  If you place an order for a friend or family member, you also can earn commissions on those orders as well.  As long as your customers are located in the USA or Canada, AMSOIL can drop ship products for you.  For example,  if you live in New York and have a friend in San Diego, AMSOIL can ship from the closest warehouse to San Diego on your behalf.  You won’t have to go through the trouble of ordering and re-shipping.  AMSOIL can do it all for you making a dealership an easy thing on your part.